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Release Blitz - Biker's Librarian + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Title: Biker's Librarian   
Series: Lords of Mayhem #1
Author: Shayla Colt  
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: Re-Release

Recovered from an abusive relationship, Juliette Moore is ready to live life on her own terms. Successful, intelligent, and slightly timid, she makes a pact with her best friends to seize the day. 

She gets more than she bargained in the tall, dark, and dangerous biker Shooter. Drawn to her purity and charm, Shooter, finds himself smitten before he knows what’s happening. 

With his claim firmly placed, he’s ready to go to war when she’s threatened by a madman from her past. Together they weather life’s storms and find common ground as they merge their two very different worlds.


“Hey, Shooter, you ready to leave?” Moose’s gruff voice stole his attention from the luscious, brown-skinned woman whose gaze sent him up in flames. 

 Pure wasn’t their typical scene. Tonight they’d been doing the Prez, Tiny, a favor by trailing his daughter.  

 Katie was a perky blonde with a banging body, though Shooter never let the Prez know he thought that. 

 Coddled by her Father and trashed by her ex-Old Lady of a mother, Tricia, the poor girl, was a wreck. With her twenty-first birthday, she’d hit the party scene at a dead run. 

Drinking like the alcohol would be taken off the shelf any day and getting involved with some less than reputable characters. Considering the Lords of Mayhem were no angels, the statement said a lot. 

 “Katie cut out?” Shooter leaned against the bar. “Yeah, she left with Smokey’s Old Lady, said they were going back to her place.” 

 Shooter smirked. The six-foot-three-inch man, built like a linebacker, looked uptight as hell. He’d seen the man stare down the barrel of a .45 without batting an eye. Now a club was about to do him in? 

 “Feeling uncomfortable, Moose?” He grinned.“Fuck, yeah. It’s not our kind of place, eh?” The Canadian expression curved Shooter’s lips upward. Even after all these years, Moose’s accent still amused Shooter. 

 Named Moose for the animal he’d hit with his parents’ car, the import was loyal, steady under pressure, and funny as hell. He had one-liners that had put half the comics Shooter had seen on television to shame. 

 Of course, most of them were filthy as fuck.“True enough. But I’d like to hang around a while.” Moose narrowed his blue eyes and stroked his full beard. “You sniffing out some pussy?” 

 “You really care?” “Eh, I just want to know if she’s got a friend.” Moose shrugged. The word pussy seemed too harsh for the woman he’d seen. She was definitely a vagina or lady parts type.

 Exactly why I don’t need to be looking twice. Despite her revealing outfit, he could tell she wasn’t the kind you just fucked. Normally that meant he moved on to the next.  

 He glanced away, but found his attention drawn back to her. There was a hidden depth in her. An invisible mark that all people who’d been through some deep shit wore. The mystery she presented intrigued him.   

“She’s got a few. But none of them look the slam-bam type.” “Shit, Shooter. You scouting out Old Lady material?” Moose’s eyes grew the size of golf balls.

 “I’m not looking. Way I hear it, though, they tend to catch you unaware.” “All the more reason for me to get the fuck out of here. You gonna be okay alone?” 

 The anxious look on the large man’s face made Shooter chuckle. “Aren’t I always?” “Yeah, good point. See you later, man. I’m going to have fun with some obligation-free Sweetbutt.” 

 “You enjoy that, and wrap it up.” “Don’t have to tell me. I’m not trying to be a father or have some crazy ass thinking I’m her path to ladder climbing.” Moose shuddered. 

“Happy hunting, hope you capture your prey.” Moose gave a mock salute and disappeared into the crowd. Tossing back the rest of his whiskey sour, Shooter set the tumbler on the bar and signaled for another. 

 He’d never been an individual to act first and think second. Before he approached her, he’d do a little recon. Taking his fresh drink, he blended in with the crowd, careful to keep her in sight and his position hidden. 

 Who knew I’d be using sniper training to pick up chicks? Fifteen minutes later, the sway of her hips and the curve of her back summoned him onto the floor. He turned away three scorching hot women because he couldn’t keep his thoughts, or his eyes, off her. 

 The coy glances she sent his way woke something inside him. A primal instinct to track and claim. It reminded him of something his father said about his mother once. From the first time your mother looked at me with secrets in her eyes, I wanted to learn, I had a compulsion to figure out the mysteries I knew she held. 

 What started off as a short-term mission quickly expanded to last a lifetime, and I’ve never regretted it once. When you meet a woman who entrances you with more than her body, and draws you to her without words, you hold on to her. 

 Because there comes a time when everything has been said, beauty fades and only the connection that brought you together in the first place matters.  

 He’d never understood it until now. His dick pressed against his pants, fighting to get out, and he knew the only woman it would be satisfied by stood in the center of the floor with her girlfriends. 

 One night wouldn’t be enough. He needed to mark her as his. He’d figure out what about her dug under his flesh along the way. It’d been years since his interest was sparked. 

 Memories of his last brush with love made him cringe. Clearly my judgement is flawed. Do I really want to try this again? Shaking off the cobwebs of the past, he made his way through the crowd that parted like the Red Sea. 

 When you were the scariest man in the room, maneuvering became relatively easy. He could have approached her from behind. That thick ass filling out her skirt begged to be rubbed by his cock. 

 However, he wanted to see her eyes. Watch those dark orbs flash with recognition and desire. She wanted him. The real question running through his mind was, would she accept him? 

 He saw the shock on her friend’s face when he appeared behind her and trailed his fingers over the bare skin of her back as he walked around to face her. The heat radiating from her body singed him, and the contact sent a jolt straight to his cock.  

 She looked up with an irritated expression that fell away when their gazes met. Her full lips formed an O. “Dance.” There was no query in his statement, but she nodded. Their bodies molded together like two pieces sculpted to fit. Full breasts pressed into his chest, teasing him with pointy nipples.  

 Her rounded belly and curvy hips pleased him. They added to her softness and made her different from his usual fare. The bunnies with their copious amounts of makeup and skimpy clothes he used for one-night stands required no real thought. 

 Everything about this woman appeared to be genuine. In their own zone they rocked together, lightly rubbing without getting raunchy. He felt like a damn high school kid, keeping a respectable distance, but damn did it feel good and right.

 Squeezing the supple flesh in his palms, he watched the tension melt from her shoulders. The shyness she’d first exhibited began to give way and she offered up a smile.  

 Her teeth were even and white, except for a slightly crooked tooth that he found charming. Fuck, did I actually just think that. The woman had red flags flying, but he didn’t want to run away. 

 The music changed to something slow and their pace adjusted. Bending down, he brushed her ear with his lips, savoring the shiver that racked her tasty figure. “I’d like to buy you a drink, if you’ll let me.” 

 She pulled away to glance up at him, totally stunned. He laughed. “I can be a gentleman when I want to be.” “I don’t even know your name.” 

 “Shooter.” “Juliette.” “Now we’re acquainted.” Releasing her, he stepped back. His body screamed in protest. Twining their fingers, he led her over to the whispering cluster of girls giving him the evil eye. 

 “Ladies, I’ll be monopolizing Juliette’s time for the rest of the night.” “I don’t think so delicious, dark, and deadly. I don’t know you from Adam. You can’t just whisk her off to parts unknown. Have you seen the news these days?” 

 She shook her head, sending curls flying about her face. Juliette sighed. “Hil—” “My name’s Shooter.” “First of all, Shooter? That’s not the name your mother delivered you with at birth.” 

 The stern frown reminded him of his third grade teacher. That woman could strike fear in the hearts of the most hardened. “You’re being awfully accommodating.” 

The curly-haired woman crossed her arms over her chest. Her friends had gone from dancing to closing in around him on all sides. “You guys are so over the top right now.” Juliette rolled her eyes. 

 “I can be very reasonable when it gets me what I want.” He winked. Her mouth formed an O. She turned to the woman who’d gone silent beside him. “Jul, are you okay with this?” “Yes.” Juliette nodded. 

 “Then let’s take it off the floor.‘Cause the only way I’m leaving you alone with this man for any extended amount of time is if I can track him down with some solid information.”

Shyla Colt is the sassy international bestseller of the popular series Kings of Chaos and Dueling Devils M.C. This genre-hoppers stories feature three of her favorite things: strong females, pop culture, and alternate routes to happy ever after. 

Listening to her Romani soul, she pens from the heart, allowing the dynamic characters, eccentric interests, and travels as a former flight attendant to take her down untraveled roads. 

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, this mid-west girl is proud of her roots. She used her hometown and the surrounding areas as a backdrop for a number of books. So, if you’re a Buckeye, keep an eye out for familiar places. 

As a full-time writer, stay at home mother, and wife, there's never a dull moment in her household.

She weaves her tales in spare moments and the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea at her side and the characters in her head for company.



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