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Title: Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up 
Authors: Fourteen (Anthology)
Genre: Dark/Erotic Romance 
Release Date: February 14th, 2017

 Roses are red. So is passion. And blood.

Fourteen authors have brought you stories of pain and love.

Struggle and dissonance.

Lust and depravity.

Whether your poison is a naughty husband and wife, a kinky night out on the town, or something a little supernatural, come indulge in your deepest, darkest, most f*cked up cravings.

We promise we won’t judge if you won’t. 


 šŸ”„This anthology contains content that is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18šŸ”„

Stories included in anthology, with some teasers,excerpts & author links!


A rich lawyer gives his beloved wife the punishment of a lifetime after finding divorce papers in the mail.


I pull my wife’s zipper down and yank her dress off, ignoring her kicking against me. With her dark hair fanned out over the pillow and her full, round breasts splayed for my pleasure, I’ve never seen anything more tantalizing. 

 Before I do anything to her, I need to make sure she wants this, but I’m certain she does. Her moans and the obvious hardness of her round, small nipples mean more to me than the fruitless jabs of her knees into my hardened core. 

 When I steal a glance at her pussy, I can’t help but grin at the way it glistens. No matter how hard she fights, she can’t hide her desire for me. It’s written all over every inch of her body. She is still mine. 

 Easing into my planned night of debauchery, I run my rough hand over her smooth, naked flesh and capture her lips in another kiss.  

 “Lana Grace Law, you are mine, body, and soul,” I whisper softly between kisses. “Trying to escape me is futile.”  

 “You’re a bastard,” she growls, her brows drawn down in anger. I shoot her a grin that makes her pelvis quiver. “I think you’ll come to forgive me enough times.”


Arissa Knight grew up in a world of darkness and death. Raised by her father, an assassin, she followed in his footsteps and loved every minute of it. She lived by her rules and lived life to the fullest, refusing to change. A one-night stand would soon threaten all of that.

Ryland Hixon. The sexy mechanic caught her eye and took her home for a night of unbridled passion that she would never forget. She promised that she would stay away from him but that was proving to be harder than she thought. 

She knew better. Association with her could mean his death and she would be willing to do anything to protect him—even if it meant leaving him for good.


When a dominant is sold as a submissive to another dominant, a dramatic power struggle ensues.

EXCITABLE by Brittney

 Coon Leo is lying on the bed like a good boy. I tie his hands and feet to the posts and pull the knife out from beneath the sheet I stashed it under. 

 “Do you want to see what the fucking queen of the sick and damned does with this?” I move the knife back and forth between my fingers.- 

 “Shit,” he hisses. “I don’t want to—” I straddle him and let the cool blade touch his collarbone. “You using the mommy card already?”  

 He presses his head into the bed and chews on his bottom lip. “Fine.” 

 I let the knife lick his peck, making a small cut. He screws his eyes shut as I kiss the sting away. 

 “I dare you to untie me.” His voice comes from low in his throat, making me stop from making another cut.  

 “A dare, huh? You know I can’t back down from a dare…” “Then let me go and this game is over.”  

 I toss the knife onto the floor. It clings on the wooden surface. “You done with me already?”  

 “No. I just want my fucking hands on you. I want you in my mouth. Why don’t we just forget these toys and—” I untie him and sit on the corner of the bed. “And what, fuck like normal people?”  

 He licks his lips and brushes his finger over my breast. “We just do whatever animals do…” “But we’re not falling in love. Deal?” 


A couple tries to resuscitate their broken marriage by going to their first swingers party.

by J A Kerr 

Author of The Braille Club Series...

Sex addict Aiden knows his attraction to fellow addict Keira is dangerous--but then, so is he.

by Author J.L. Baldwin

When the demons come out to play and stake their claim, there are always fatal flaws.


For one young man, the nightmare scenario of abduction and torture becomes the key to unlocking his ultimate fantasy.


Lyle and Ivy live for their toxic relationship, but all wicked games eventually come to an end.


A prominent doctor enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies, until he begins to question his original intent.


He is the first to introduce her to carnal pleasures she never dreamed of, but will he be the last?


Dysfunctional: an adjective that embodies Jezabelle’s entire childhood and everything she strives to avoid, until a smooth-talking biker ruins all of her plans.

HER MISTAKE by N. Mills 

 He pushed my hand away again. “Stop poking me, Belle,” he warned again.  

 The nickname only ignited my fury more. I could have died tonight or gone to prison. My whole fucking life, I made responsible decisions, and the one night I made a bad one, this guy swooped in and almost ruined everything. I slammed my index into his chest once more. His warm fingers wrapped around my wrist, and he pushed me against the wall.  

 His fist hit the wall next to me. I couldn’t help it, I flinched, and I hated myself for it.   

His eyes were bright with anger. I slapped him for making me flinch. Before I knew what was happening, my hands were pinned against the wall above my head. My heart slammed against my ribs, and our heavy breaths mingled together. The air between us shifted.  

 Our lips collided into a frantic kiss. His hands on my wrists tightened, and he pressed closer to me. He let go of my hands, and I tangled them into his hair as I tried to get closer. He cupped my ass and lifted me from the ground.  

 I wrapped my legs around his waist and shoved his cut from his shoulders. He had me sandwiched between him and the wall as he helped me yank his shirt off, only breaking the kiss to get it over his head. It was like being deprived of oxygen when he pulled away.  

 I sucked in a sharp breath at the sight of his bare chest. His arms were covered in full sleeves and on his chest sat a jester tattoo, one side of its face the laughing joker, the other half with tears silently falling. His hungry jade eyes met mine and something passed between us. If I was religious, I’d call it spiritual. 

by Quinn

She calls herself a “professional mistress”–no love, no commitment, no future, until she meets a strangely familiar man who shows her how to feel again.


Sometimes lust can carry you down surprising and dangerous paths…


A terminally ill billionaire uses an experimental procedure to feel endless ecstasy, but all he really wants is one last moment with his true love.

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