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Blog Tour - Hurts to Love You by Alisha Rai + Giveaway!

Title: Hurts to Love You
Series: Forbidden Hearts #3
Author: Alisha Rai
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: March 27, 2018

Being bad never felt so good, in the third novel in Alisha Rai’s sexy Forbidden Hearts series!

Well-behaved women don’t lust after men who love to misbehave.

Heiress Evangeline Chandler knows how to keep a secret . . . like her life-long crush on the tattooed hottie who just happens to be her big brother’s friend. 

She’s a Chandler, after all, and Chandlers don’t hook up with the help. Then again, they also don’t disobey their fathers and quit their respectable jobs, so good-girl rules may no longer apply.

Gabriel Hunter hides the pain of his past behind a smile, but he can’t hide his sudden attraction to his friend’s sheltered little sister. 

Eve is far too sweet to accept anything less than forever and there’s no chance of a future between the son of a housekeeper and the town’s resident princess.

When a wedding party forces Eve and Gabe into tight quarters, keeping their hands off each other will be as hard as keeping their clothes on. 

The need that draws them together is stronger than the forces that should shove them apart . . . but their sparks may not survive the explosion when long-buried secrets are finally unearthed.

No one knows. His tone was bleak, the words tripping over each other.  No one will, she whispered, though that wasn’t her place to promise. I’ll keep it a secret. His laugh was a harsh bark. What am I supposed to do? Just trust you?  

Yes. The adrenaline in her blood spiked, and she leaned in closer, driven to comfort and consume him. I’m very good at secrets. He shook his head. You don’t— 

She had no idea what he was going to say, because she settled her lips over his. It was a ridiculous urge, born of panic and desperation and a deep-seated drive to calm him. 

Their lips fit together perfectly, and she moved them over his, tasting the faint hint of mint in his mouth. Finally. Finally. Now she knew what kissing would feel like. 

Like perfection. He froze for a second, but then a growl came from deep in his chest. He tightened his hold on her, crushed her close, and kissed her back. 

 ©Alisha Rai 2018

“The only thing more romantic than a wedding is the long-awaited consummation of love between two favorite characters in a series, and the enjoyable third installment to Rai’s Forbidden Hearts contemporary series serves up both... True to Rai’s style, family secrets and surprises add complexity to this strong story about how wealth and privilege can do as much to destroy happiness as to facilitate it.” (Publishers Weekly)

Alisha Rai pens award-winning sexy contemporary romances and is the first author to have an indie-published book appear on The Washington Post's annual Best Books list. 

She spends most of her time dreaming up sexy heroes and heroines, traveling, and tweeting. 

To find out more about her books or to sign up for her Newsletter...

To celebrate the release of HURTS TO LOVE YOU, we're giving away a paperback copy of HATE TO WANT YOU by Alisha Rai!

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Release Blitz - Sin With Me by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain!

Title: Sin with Me
Series: Original Sin #1
Authors: JA Huss & Johnathan McClain
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 6, 2018

Two broken people in a city fueled by sin.

Maddie isn't looking to be saved. She knows the only person you can count on is yourself. Her moral compass might not point true North these days--but at least she's still standing.

The Military taught Tyler about loyalty. Being there for your brothers is the only thing that matters--but when it mattered most, he wasn't.

She's got a ticket straight to Hell. He's already been there and back. She needs to win. He just needs to stop fighting.

Some sins scar your soul so deeply, you'll never be the same. But this Devil in disguise might just be the angel he needs to forgive himself.


He better just be getting started. Because I want more. His hand slips around the curve of my ass, squeezing it so hard, I bite my lip to stifle a whimper. His fingers press into my skin, grabbing hold of me like he might never let go. His tongue laps against my pussy, then flicks my clit. 

I fist his hair and let my head fall back—pressing against the brick wall. He does this little move with his tongue. Teasing me as he swirls it around, presses his mouth firmly against my clit, and moves it back and forth so quick, I drop a hand down to his shoulder and dig my nails in. Like I might never let go either.

It’s been a while for me. Too long, really. And I can feel the climax building and building, and then— Not yet, angel, he murmurs. Yes, I say, insistent. Now. We’re in the alley and there’s people— There’s no people, he counters. And I want to be inside you when you come. 

I want you to be fucked as much as possible before I let you finish. Hey, I say. I really need this guy’s real name. I can’t keep calling him that. Especially during sex. We gotta hurry. I’m at work and— You’re not at work. You’re with me, Scarlett. 

And I really need to tell him my name too. Because I feel like I’m morphing into Scarlett. This is the kind of thing she does, not me. Isn’t it? He lifts my legs, still pushing me against the wall, repositions them so they drape over the crook in his arms. 

He’s holding both ass cheeks, squeezing them hard and pressing against me with his hard cock. But we’re eye level and I’m looking at him like… like we’re something. Like maybe I am with him. 

He grins. A devilish, mischievous grin. Says, How do you like it? Like it? I say, my eyes darting around to make sure no one can see us. Scarlett, he says, demanding my attention. Look at me. And tell me how you like to be fucked. 

Uhhh… good. He laughs. Roger that. Anything else? Just… I start. Because I’m not really into the dirty-talking shit. I’m not into alley sex, or wall sex, or giving blow jobs for money. But I’ve done all those things since I met him. Last. Fucking. Weekend. 

So fuck it. I’m Scarlett now, I guess. Hard, I say. I like it hard. He smiles. And dirty. Filthy? he asks. Or just dirty? I take a moment to wonder how much difference there is between filthy and dirty. Scarlett,” he says, pushing his stiff cock up to the entrance of my pussy. 

God, I’m wet. And the way he’s teasing me has my whole body trembling. Tell me how to fuck you. Because if you don’t, you’re just gonna have to get it the way I like to give it. Jesus Christ. 

 ©JA Huss & Johnathan McClain 2018

"Julie Huss and Johnathan McClain are THE new force to be reckoned with in the world of team writing!" - Pam, Good Reads Reviewer 

"Julie and Johnathan's collaboration is amazing, the storyline flows and is seamless. Thank god we don't have to wait to long for the next installment of what's beginning to become a fantastic series." - Kazza's Book Blog and Reviews 

"I haven't read a better collaboration than J.A. Huss and Johnathan McClain." - Angie's Book Blog 

"Sin With Me is dark, twisted, hot, sinful and fast-paced. Following Maddie and Tyler, each in their own chapters, the story is fast-paced and filled with both danger and hope." - Lexxie Lin - (un)Conventional Book Reviews

"Now THAT is how you begin a damn series! WOW! Just wow! I'm amazed! I'm stunned!" - Shayna 

"Jesus fucking Christ. That book was exactly what I needed. Fuck me running, I am so satisfied. I want something though. A drink? A smoke? New underwear? The next book? All of the above." - ClosetReader


Releasing March 27, 2018

Two accomplished writers come together to create unforgettable sexy romance. JA Huss is the New York Times bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today bestsellers list eighteen times. 

Johnathan McClain is a veteran actor and writer whose work, either performed or written, is probably airing on at least one of the channels on your television right now. Find us at



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