Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cover Reveal - Alamir by Nessa Miller!

Title: Alamir
Series: Blood of Kaos #1
Author: Nesa Miller      
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 1, 2017


The Alamir came about to protect the human realm from evils worse than humans.

Torn from a life of childish innocence, fourteen-year-old Etain Rhys witnesses the brutal murder of her family. Running for her life, she inadvertently lands in the mystical realm of the Alamir. 

Scared and alone, she’s taken in by a small clan and learns their warrior ways. 

Moving up the ranks in a short time, the day comes when her chieftain tells her it’s time to move on. 

Although her heart burns for revenge, she soon realizes it will take more than a sword and her newfound powers to track down her family’s murderer. 

Lord Darknight, the elusive chieftain of the LOKI clan, one of the most powerful in the Alamir, has connections that could aid her quest.

 A dangerous encounter with the warrior might prove advantageous - if she can survive him…and his dark secret. 

*Major name change for the first book. I felt that since the inside has been upgraded and the cover has been improved  and I’ve changed my author name (mainly because there’s another JD Miller out there), the new book deserves a new name. *


Coming Soon


About Author

A late bloomer from Texas, living the life in jolly ol' England with her handsome English husband. 

The couple loves traveling to magical places, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and, most of all, taking a break from everyday life.

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