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Release Blitz - His Sugar Baby by Fiona Murphy + Giveaway!

Title: His Sugar Baby
Author: Fiona Murphy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 21, 2017


I made my first million at sixteen, my first billion before I was thirty. I get what I want how I want it, and I have no problem paying for it, that includes women. Hell, I’ve already been doing it with the women I’ve been dating. They enjoy my credit cards during the day and I’m supposed to be able to enjoy them at night but as the weeks go on the excuses pile up but they still spend my money. 

So I’m done with dating. It’s time for a woman who knows the deal and signs on the dotted line. I’m looking for a sugar baby, it's instant lust when I find Anne and see her curves that should come with a warning sign. Until I find out she hasn't just been a sugar baby before; she's sold herself by the hour in Las Vegas. It's one step too far for me, only I can't stop thinking about her. 

I find out she had her reasons for what she did, like I have mine. Her past is her past; I want her for what she is now. Besides, this is just sex, a simple exchange for time and money. Except, little by little, it becomes far from simple as I find out money doesn't buy everything.


I thought I was done with being a sugar baby, of selling myself for security and a better life than the one I grew up in. Even though I’m a plus size, not a size two, men were more than willing to buy what I was selling. I tried to go white collar, to be normal. 

For four years I worked my ass off to get a degree in accounting; only, things don’t always go as planned. The instant attraction to Grant is a cherry on top; he's gorgeous and very generous. 

Is that why all my rules begin to blur, blend, and break to please him? I'm not ashamed of my past and all I’ve experienced, but it doesn't prepare me for Grant and all the things he wants and needs from me. I don't believe in forever, in happily ever after. What happens when he wants more than I give?

Fifty thousand a month for a year, whether we make it the entire twelve months or not. You’ll also get a credit card for personal use, whatever you want to use it on, no limit. Her reaction isn’t what I expect.  

Taking a step back, she shakes her head. What are you expecting from me? I follow her. You, all of you. I’m not into kinky shit or anything. You make the rules. I’ll accept what you are willing to give or not give. You don’t do blow jobs, fine, but I’ll need to taste you, that preview in the car wasn’t enough.

 If you want to. The words come out of her in a rush. Her grey eyes begin to glow as my hands catch her hips to keep her where I want her, close to me. You’ll spread your pussy wide for me to feast when I want. It’s not a question. I can smell her wet for me; I need to taste her again.  

Sliding my hands down over her beautiful round ass, I squeeze what has been tempting me. Yes, yes. Her hips rock against my straining cock. Fuck, her breathing flutters as she rocks against me again. Needing to know before I tear her clothes off and fuck her where we stand; I almost groan as I ask. 

Any other no-gos for the bedroom? Anal. You mentioned it already, I’ll live without it. Tell me more, any other limits? Her hand comes up to my arm to steady herself. Her breathing does that thing again, then her other hand is at my waist. Her eyes are hypnotic pools of silver.  

Her voice is trembling. I agree to sex at least three times a week, but I have the right to say no to more than five. The right to my own space and to sleep in it instead of with you. No pimping me out or trying to share me with other men or women. No fondling me in front of people.  

No discussing our arrangement publicly, if you talk to your friends about it privately I’m fine, but just not putting it on blast to just anyone. When you say three times, is that each time I fuck you or every time I take you. Fuck, she’s panting for me to be inside her. Her hands go around my neck then pull me down to her mouth.  

 Take me. She groans into my mouth. Clinging to my last shred of sanity I ask the last question that matters, Are you protected? I fuck bare and I want to come inside you. Yes, yes. She moans as she presses her breasts against my chest. You’re mine. It’s not a question. Question time is over.

Due to commitment issues I have lived in many different cities and my favorite is Chicago but I have managed to settle into Austin and perhaps my commitment issues are behind me.

I have enjoyed reading from a very young age and it wasn't long before the children books bored me and I read the books my mother enjoyed Stephen King and Dean Koontz and I didn't sleep without the light on until I was about ten.

I came across my first Harlequin by accident and it was love at first read, no one died and happy endings? It was a whole new world and I loved it.

I wrote my first story at eight and everyone died, of course. Since then I would like to think I've gotten better and now I'm writing the happily ever afters I first fell in love with, with some hot sex thrown in along the way.

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Release Blitz - In Sir's Arms by Red Phoenix + Giveaway!

Title: In Sir's Arms  
Series: Brie's Submission #16
Author: Red Phoenix         
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 21, 2017

A man in love is unstoppable. 

Sir Thane Davis is a fighter and has survived countless tragedies. 

Now he must deal head-on with Lilly to protect the woman he loves and the baby she carries. He is relentless, wanting to end this threat once and for all. 

But unseen forces are at play which will challenge the Master. Will victory be his or will he lose everything he holds dear?

Durov returned with two bottles of vodka. Vodka solves everything, he announced, grabbing two shot glasses and bringing them to the coffee table. Sorry, old friend. Neither Brie nor I are drinking alcohol until the baby is born. 

His jaw dropped. What? I felt it was only fair since she is abstaining. Durov looked at Brie. Is he serious? Brie smiled sympathetically and nodded. Durov looked at the two bottles forlornly. But I do not care to drink alone. 

Brie got up and headed into the kitchen, coming out with a carton of coconut water and another shot glass. This is what we drink these days. Let me try it. Brie filled each glass and winked at him as she handed out the shots to each of them. 

Durov watched Brie intently as she put the glass to her lips and took a sip. He then turned to Thane. You really drink this, moy droog? Da, Thane answered with a grin, downing the shot and placing the glass on the coffee table.  

He raised an eyebrow in challenge. Durov stared at the glass in his hand suspiciously for several moments before tipping it back. He immediately sputtered—a spray of liquid escaping his lips and flying through the air. That is revolting, comrade!  

Brie was giggling as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve, a nasty expression on his face. Don’t ever give that to me again, he warned them. Thane made a mental note to surprise Durov with coconut water at some point in the future.  

Brie left the room and came back with a towel. Durov took it from her, cleaning himself first before wiping the floor. I do not know how I will get that disgusting taste out of my mouth. 

Thane opened one of his bottles of vodka and poured a small amount into Durov’s glass, swirling it to rinse it out. He poured the used liquid into his own glass before refilling Durov’s shot glass with pure vodka. 

I’m sure this will help. Durov gladly took the shot glass and downed it, holding out the empty glass for Thane to refill. I think two more times will do. Thane refilled it willingly. The look on Durov’s face when he downed the coconut water kept replaying in his mind.  

What are you smiling about, comrade? Thane only chuckled, steering the conversation away from the question. Téa, would you get my belts off the nightstand? Brie’s eyes widened as she bowed to him before heading down the hallway to their bedroom. 

Moy droog, what are you up to? Durov asked lustfully. Although I have no time for a day at the beach, I think a short break will prove refreshing for all three of us. 

 Brie returned naked, holding the four leather belts that had lain on his nightstand for months, waiting for use. Thane took the belts from her, handing three to Durov. I always say when you can’t get drunk on vodka, get drunk on Brie.

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Red Phoenix, USA Today Bestselling author, has received numerous awards for her original romances. When she’s not writing, you can find her online interacting with fans.

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