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Blog Tour - Hot Shade by Tamara Lush + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Today is the blog tour for Hot Shade by Tamara Lush! Follow the blog tour and be sure to grab your copy today!!

Title: Hot Shade
Series: Burning Secrets #1 
Author: Tamara Lush
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 30 ,2015


In the tropical Florida heat, a man with deadly secrets falls for a lovely, inquisitive reporter…

After Luca Rossi lost everything to the Italian mafia, he used all his skills to write a stunning expose, and managed to put a key don on trial for his life. But now Luca must hide out on the Florida coast until justice is served in Italy. All is well, until he meets a lovely young American reporter who won’t stop asking questions about who he is. Soon he’s fighting the urge to hush her with a kiss … and much, much more.

Skylar Shaw took a job with a small Florida paper determined to make her mark on the journalistic world. She may spend her days writing up alligator scares and human interest stories, but when she meets a handsome mystery man on the beach, she’s not afraid to dig into his past, and the danger stalking him from across the seas. 

There’s just one problem … will her efforts help Luca, or bring danger straight to him?

Luca knows all too well the journalistic drive to keep digging. Can he trust his lovely Skylar to keep his secrets, or must he push her away to save both their lives?


Exclusive Excerpt: 

 The reporter’s press pass dangled in between her breasts and a red bikini flashed like a stop sign under her white dress. Luca rubbed his lips together. His hand went instinctively to his hip, and he realized with a pang of unease that he’d left his gun on the terrace.  

 Exhaling, he hated himself for automatically being so paranoid. This woman wasn’t a threat. She was just a young reporter. An amateur. 

 He shook his head and tried to ignore her pretty face. His eyes settled on a clump of sand clinging to her knee, and he was struck by an overwhelming desire to brush it off with his fingers and then run his entire hand up her smooth leg. “I don’t want to be in the paper.” 

 She flashed a little smile, and her gaze lingered on his chest. Oh. Right. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. Her eyes shifted to the tattoo on his left bicep, her smile grew wider and her gaze skittered to the ground. 

 “My name’s Skylar. You can call me Sky. I understand that you don’t want to be quoted, but could you tell me anything off the record?” 

 When she raised her eyes he was struck by their pale blue hue, the color of the Gulf on a clear day, a startling and beautiful contrast with her chestnut-colored hair. Luca stepped back, shook his head again and smiled despite himself. “I don’t do off the record. People should never talk to the media, you know.” 

 She laughed. “Ohh, come on. I’m one of the good reporters. I won’t misquote you.” “Really? Don’t all reporters say that? Why should I trust you?” 

 She stopped laughing, which was too bad, because the sound was sweet as honey in Luca’s ears. She blinked and stared at his hand, which was suspended in mid-air because he was trying to make a point while talking. He lowered his hand, suddenly self-conscious of the broad way he gestured. 

 “Trust me? Of course you can trust me. And, anyway, I’m really looking for the person who helped the man hit by the plane. One of the paramedics said he was young and maybe had a tattoo.” 

 Luca shrugged when she pointed to his arm. She couldn’t make him talk. “You have an accent,” she said, undeterred. “Where are you from?” 

 He swallowed, not prepared that she would try to get so personal so soon. “Europe,” he muttered. 

 “Well, that narrows it down.” She grinned and rummaged through her straw tote bag then handed him a business card. Plucking it from her fingers, Luca studied every inch of her face. Even the freckles on her nose were adorably sexy. 

 He glanced down and read her card aloud. “‘Skylar Shaw. The Palmira Post.’” She took a pen and notebook out of her bag. The pen’s end was frayed with bite marks. Luca arched an eyebrow. He longed to flirt but knew he shouldn’t, for all sorts of reasons. 

Excerpt 2 

 Skylar gazed without blinking into his eyes, captivated by their green-gray color that practically glowed next to his olive skin and dark hair. The setting sun softened the angles and hollows of his face and left behind only languid sensuality. When he stared at her, she thought she would turn to water and wash away into the Gulf of Mexico. 

 “I just finished. Do you have any news for me?” He laughed. “What kind of news would you like?” Skylar couldn’t remember ever being made speechless by a man’s looks, but this guy was different. 

 Her eyes skimmed his chest then went lower. Dark hair trailed in a faint line down his six-pack abdomen, and Skylar quickly raised her gaze to his equally muscular arms. This man was pure peril. Or maybe she had been on Palmira long enough to forget what hot guys really looked like. 

 She gave the tattoo on his rock-hard bicep a sideways glance. It was one of many delicious details gracing his body, but what did it say? It was a line of words wrapped around the muscle in an old typewriter font. The words weren’t in English. Maybe Spanish? Italian? Latin? 

 Recalling his question, she grinned, sensing that he was toying with her. “I’m still trying to find the man who helped the plane crash victim.” “You got some sun today. Your cheeks are pink.” 

 Her cheeks were hot, but why did he ignore her question? As he reached an arm through the gate and motioned toward her face, she imagined playfully biting his finger. “I burn easily,” she said. “I think I might be a little dehydrated, too.” 

 She knew she sounded too serious, but flirting didn’t come easily. At least that’s what James had repeatedly told her. She sobered at the thought, and her smile faded. “Why don’t you come inside for a glass of water?”  

 Skylar hesitated. She was thirsty. Maybe if she went, this mystery man might open up and tell her about helping the victim. Give her that exclusive. He didn’t seem like an axe murderer or anyone she should be afraid of. And besides, people like that didn’t exist on Palmira. 

 “Okay, I will. Thanks.”The man opened the gate and held it. “See, you don’t have to rip your clothes off this time.” 

 She paused and ignored his flirtation as best she could, but looking into his eyes sent little waves of excitement through her. “What’s your name, anyway? I generally don’t go to people’s homes unless I know their names.”  

 He grinned lazily. “Luca.” “Luca. Italian?” He nodded. “Si. Yes. Now come with me.” Luca. What a beautiful name. Skylar rolled it around in her mind as she followed. Luca. 

 He led her through a heady-smelling hedge of jasmine vines and through another iron gate. They emerged into a courtyard with a grotto-like pool surrounded by palm trees and bright green tropical plants. 

 An enormous, Mediterranean-style home loomed behind the pool. She breathed in the scent, intoxicated by the fragrance and the obvious luxury. “Gorgeous,” she murmured. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll get some water.” 

 He gestured to one of four wide rattan chaise seats pointed toward the setting sun. Skylar sank into a white cushion. The diffuse orangey-red light and the sound of the gentle Gulf surf was soothing after covering such a depressing story. 

 Luca returned and handed her a tall glass with a lemon slice. She tried to be dainty but took two giant gulps. He sat on the edge of the lounger next to her and leaned in her direction, as if he was interested in watching her drink. 

 “Thank you,” she said. “I guess I was thirsty.”

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Praise for Hot Shade...

That book had me from the get go. I pretty much read it in one sitting and I never wanted to put it down.
~ Angela Plumlee, Books and Booze Reviews

The hot, sexy and powerful attraction between these two characters is amazing, not to mention that Luca is HAWT and his sex appeal absolutely sizzles off the pages!! ~ Tami Talbert, The Book Enthusiast

Kudos to Tamara Lush for a fast-paced, very sexy 
debut novel. ~ Helen H. Goodreads reader

Fans of romantic suspense and New Adult will be enthralled by Lush’s novel involving a journalist and a mysterious and handsome Italian, who’s bound to take your breath away. The intrigue is heavy and there’s many secrets embedded within the plot, prompting one to feverishly flip the pages to discover if there’s an HEA or the ever-so-popular cliffhanger. Sizzling-hot sex scenes are an added bonus and provide a break from the heart-stopping action. ~ RT Book Reviews

About Author

During the day, Tamara Lush writes news as a journalist with The Associated Press. At night, she writes fictional romance tales about complicated, sexy men and the women who love them. Her first full-length novel, HOT SHADE, was published in September 2015 with Boroughs Publishing Group. 

INTO THE HEAT is her second full-length novel and it’s also with Boroughs. TELL ME A STORY is Tamara’s first novella. It’s the first episode of The Story Series, a five-novella serial about a bookstore owner who reads erotica to a billionaire during a literary event in Florida. 

When Tamara isn’t reporting, writing or reading, she’s doing yoga, cooking for her Italian husband or chasing her dogs on a beach on Florida's Gulf Coast. She loves connecting with people on social media.


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