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Title: The Vampire Mafia
Series: Complete Series
Author: M.A. Wilder
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Five deadly love stories.
And one dark saga.

This is August, New York, where the chaotic world of the supernatural will collide with unsuspecting, vulnerable humans. 


Notorious criminal Mickey McKennan is everything Nora Evers shouldn’t want. He’s power and sex in a suit with a rogue smile, and when they meet, her world tilts as she falls in lust—until that world halts when tragedy strikes. Nora’s life quickly goes from bad to worse, and she finds Mickey at every turn. Although his deadly secrets ensure that trouble follows him, she is drawn to him more and more. But, when her past haunts her present, Nora’s life is threatened, and she is unsure of who she can count on to help her survive.


Everyone has a price, and thanks to the captivating Simon Handover and his proposition, Penny Ames has discovered hers. She will just need to make it through one month with him before she can flee and never look back. But, with his Clark Kent good looks and Superman swagger, Simon is more of a threat to Penny than she realizes. While fighting not to lose her heart, she stumbles into a world filled with guns, gangs, and…vampires, and soon, she finds herself also fighting for her life.


When Sosie Savage is taken hostage by the Vampire Mafia due to her father’s mistake, the only thing on her mind is survival—until her focus begins to shift as her captors, the D’Avignon brothers, vie for her attention. Powerful yet antagonistic, J.M. and Sebastien fascinate her. Where J.M. is destructive and dangerous, Sebastien acts as the savior with his kindness. With her feelings clouding her mind, Sosie struggles to set things right in the tangled web her father weaved. But, after the D’Avignon family receives threats from rival vampires while enduring run-ins with the authorities, she begins to question her allegiance to her own family and the life that she once knew.


Kidnapped and tortured with no end in sight, Beau D’Avignon is certain death is imminent. That is, until Francesca Slight intervenes. Sheltered daughter of the D’Avignon’s sworn enemy, she is now also the owner of Beau’s heart. With the animosity between the leading vampire families, their newfound love is not likely to survive, especially when the escalating war threatens all their lives. 

Frustrated with her father’s lack of action in the search for her missing family, Bellamy D’Avignon is determined to take the reins, but along the way, she crosses paths with someone from the opposite side of the law. He’s literally tall, dark, and handsome, and their connection is immediate and undeniable. But, when a life-altering threat hits and emotions take over, Bellamy makes a decision that will change their lives forever.

WARNING: This book contains adult language, violence, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Book One: Trouble 


 He walks into my life the way a train pulls into a busy station—with a slow, easy glide and mountains of anticipation. The city of August is buzzing, the energy almost as frenetic as the neighboring Manhattan. Only a handful of empty seats remain in the theater, and the air is humming with electricity. I can’t tell if the power precedes him like a red carpet or flows behind him like a cape, but it’s there, all around him, lighting up the atmosphere.

 Lighting up me. 

 “Hello? Earth to Nora! Are you even listening?”

 It hurts to turn away from him, but I do it anyway. Olivia deserves that much and then some.

 “Huh?” I whisper, my brain still working to form words.- “Exactly.”

 “I’m sorry, Liv.” I twist in my seat, determined to give her my undivided attention. “What were you saying?”

 She sighs while folding her arms across her chest. “I said, I can’t believe we’re actually here! Out. On a Friday night. Like normal people!” 

 Olivia beams at me, and I return her smile. It took a whole lot of begging, but we managed to get our shifts covered at The Shoppe. We’re usually the ones asking others for extra hours, but tonight, things are different. Tonight, we’re celebrating another year away from our horrid pasts and another year closer to our bright futures.

 I lift my bottle of water out of the seat’s cup holder and tilt it in her direction. “To us.”  

She does the same, and our drinks bump against one another. 

 My smile widens as hers begins to slip. “What?” 

 She doesn’t answer.

 She doesn’t need to. 

 The hitch in her breath says it all.

 I turn in my seat, following her line of sight, and I’m not sure if I’m simply forgetting how to breathe or if I’m just realizing that I never knew how to in the first place. 

 Olivia fans herself, her lips hooked up into a sultry smirk. “Mmm, he’s even more beautiful in person.” She fluffs her gorgeous thick hair. “The Internet got it all wrong. Hell, the Internet and TV. Mickey McKennan’s not a criminal. He can’t be; he’s just too good-looking.” 

 “Winning the genetic lottery does not determine someone’s innocence.”

 “Sure, sure, whatever, but the bottom line is—oh my gosh, he’s coming this way!”

 We watch as Mickey McKennan makes his way over to the empty seats in front of ours, a stunning woman draped on each arm. Olivia clutches my hand, and I clutch back. This is childish behavior. I know it, and she knows it, but we can’t help ourselves. 

 Then, his gaze catches mine. 

 And everything changes.

He winks, all sex in a suit. I gasp. And the whole world tilts.

 It’s righted again when Arm Candy A grabs Mickey’s chin, snatching his face back toward hers. Big mistake. His eyes narrow in hostility, and panic flashes across her heavily made-up face. 

 She meets his glare with a pout. “Sorry, hon. Didn’t mean anything by it.”



 “I don’t repeat myself.”

 Arm Candy A looks like a fish out of water. Her mouth is moving, but the volume is on mute. She reaches for him again—this time, out of desperation. However, Mickey’s security team is one step ahead of her. They move in a synchronized fashion, extracting Little Miss Grabby Hands from the now awkward situation. The entire theater is watching, their gazes glued on the scene before them. And I’m no different.

 I want to appear cool and disinterested. The truth is, I’m anything but.

 “Just the two of us,” Arm Candy B purrs. The look of victory is splashed across her too-pretty face. It’s clear that, to her, this is all just a game, and Mickey is the prize.

 But, judging by his expression, the woman is just background noise.

 He leans away from her and looks at me. “You.” “Me?” I shrink back into my seat. 

 He smiles. “You.”

 The remaining Arm Candy scowls. “I thought you didn’t repeat yourself.” 

 Mickey cuts her a glare. “You wanna be next?” He doesn’t wait for an answer. Instead, he turns back toward me with an air of expectation. “Come join me.” 

 It’s official; I never knew how to breathe. Not ever. Maybe I thought I did once upon a time, but I thought wrong. Way wrong. He’s literally stealing my breath away with nothing more than an invitation to move from one row to the next. 


 Clearly, all work and no play make me the most pitiful woman on the planet. Except for maybe Olivia, who is now hyperventilating and twisting my hand in a vise grip.

 My silence is deafening.

The whole theater is watching as Mickey’s smile grows wider.

 And he appears impossibly sexier.

 And I give up on breathing altogether. 

 He refuses to sit. Instead, he leans forward, his hands pressing against the back of his seat. “You, you look like nothing but trouble. What’s your name, sweetheart?” 

 My mind goes blank. Nothing but white noise on every channel—basic and cable. 

 Liv nudges me with her elbow. “Oh my gosh, Annora, answer him!” She huffs when I remain silent. Then, she does the talking for me. “Hiya, handsome! My name is Olivia. This is my friend Nora, and she’ll sit anywhere…or on anything you want her to.” She winks for added effect.

 That does it. Like a bolt of lightning, my voice is back, and I’m way past upset. It feels like I’ve just chased a shot of humiliation with a glass of frustration, and I lay into my best friend. “Have you lost your mind? Why would you say that? He’s doesn’t know your sense of humor! Plus, he’s standing right there.”

 “Yes, yes, he is…and he can still hear you,” Liv says with a slow nod.

 It feels as if all eyes are on me because they are. Including Mickey’s. But, instead of him looking annoyed or upset, he appears amused.

 “Mickey McKennan,” he says, extending his hand. 

 His voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. It’s deep, and it rolls through me like a delicious avalanche. 

 “I know who you are,” I whisper.- Liv swats my arm with all the weight of her unvoiced frustration.

 “I mean, um, I’m Nora. Nora Evers,” I say as I accept his hand.

 This time, the world doesn’t just tilt. This time, it flies right off its axis. For one brief moment, the place is empty, and it’s just him and me. Nothing exists but the rush of electric heat reaching from the spot where our hands meet and running throughout my body. The feeling is all-consuming, and the look on his face lets me know that it’s mutual. 

 But it’s over before it even begins, and an ominous voice brings us both crashing back down to reality.

 The security team is back, and one of them leans in close, whispering in Mickey’s ear. His voice is low but not so low that I can’t hear. “Mick, we got trouble.”

 Mickey looks away. He loosens his grip, and my hand slips back into my lap. And the world is normal again. Except, now, it looks a little duller, and it feels a lot less special. The heat is gone, but the memory lingers.

 And I want it back.

 A sea of heads turns, as if on command. Now, all eyes are on the two men making their way down the far aisle. One’s big and tall with dark brown skin; the other is short, thin, and pale. But the only thing I’m seeing—the only thing everyone is seeing—is the gold badge clipped to each of their hips. A star with the number thirteen branded into the center.


 Special agents with special clearance and special titles, their government names replaced with the name of a randomly selected state. Referred to as Agents by law-abiding citizens and as Fifties or States by lawbreakers, cowboys are more feared than respected. And their presence is never good for the simple fact that it always spells trouble. 


 Mickey’s date scurries away from him faster than I would’ve believed possible. Now, he’s standing there, alone yet unafraid. In that moment, I long to speak to him. To say something, anything. But I don’t. I can’t. The last thing I want from the cowboys is attention.  

Olivia captures my hand, gripping it even tighter than before. “Are those—” 

 “Yep.” I gulp. This feels all-too familiar, and my childhood memories are threatening to return with a vengeance.

 The men make a beeline straight for Mickey, and even though he’s playing it cool, I can tell that he’s no longer amused. The change in his face is subtle, but it’s there. And, for some stupid reason, I want to reach for his hand and comfort him.

 Mickey smiles at the men, but they don’t smile back. “Well, if it isn’t the Dakotas. I didn’t even know cowboys had time for entertainment, what with all the crime-fighting.”

 “Oh, we’re not here for the show,” says the small one. “We’re here for you.”

 The cowboys come to a stop at the end of Mickey’s row. They wave him over. He doesn’t move.

 The larger one sighs. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice.”- “C’mon, boys, how long are we gonna do this dance? Remember Teflon?” 

 “I don’t know, Mickey,” the smaller one says. “How long are you gonna keep breakin’ the law?” 

 Mickey smirks. “You know I don’t take too kindly to accusations. So, if you’re gonna charge me, I suggest you do it now. Otherwise, leave.”

 “Hard, it is,” the larger cowboy says as he makes his way down the aisle, handcuffs drawn. 

 “Michael McKennan, you are under arrest…” 

 The recitation of charges and rights are drowned out by the thunderous applause from the crowd. I’ve seen this on the news, but to see it in person… 

 For locals, witnessing a Mickey McKennan arrest is like a rite of passage. It’s a show in and of itself. And to witness this event inside of an actual theater, well, that’s just kismet.

 Mickey tips his head to the crowd as the cowboy tightens the cuffs. The sound of support grows, and so does Mickey’s smile. Then, he looks at me and winks. But, before my heart can turn to mush, the cowboys are dragging Mickey back down the row, up the aisle, and out of the theater.

 And, without so much as a second thought, I grab my bag and follow.

 The lobby is packed with people waiting for another showtime. They applaud as the cowboys walk Mickey to the front doors. Meanwhile, Mickey plays to the crowd while issuing orders to his men. The security team nods and then begins making phone calls.  

I’m vaguely aware of the fact that Olivia has followed me. We’re all standing out on the street, watching, as the Dakotas hand Mickey off to the local PD, one of whom lands a nasty punch to Mickey’s gut before shoving him into the back of a squad car. The security team swears, and I rush forward.


 He looks my way, and I’m not sure what to say next. I’m not sure if I ever meant to say anything at all, but I can’t force his name back into my mouth, and I can’t look away. I don’t want to. Mickey smiles again, and the world begins to tilt once more. 

 “Stay out of trouble,” he says.

 I nod even though that isn’t an actual instruction, even though I’ll never see him again. A sigh escapes my lips. Even when he’s under arrest, he’s still the most beautiful man I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s rugged yet handsome, the epitome of strength in a three-piece suit, and it takes everything in me not to move closer and press my hand against the glass that separates us. 

 This moment, this tiny piece of him and me, is slipping away, and I don’t want it to.

Not ever.

 But, soon, my vision is eclipsed by a badge and trench coat. The invisible thread between Mickey and me is severed. And I’m forced to let go.


 I look up into the eyes of the larger of the two cowboys. Then, it clicks. The memory hits me like a freight train. The pieces are falling into place, my emotions sucker-punching me. “Agent North?” 

 The man narrows his gaze, his eyebrows crinkled in confusion. Then, his massive shoulders slump, and his face goes soft. He laughs, but there’s not a trace of humor. Instead, it’s more of a disbelieving chuckle. “You’re the little Evers girl,” he whispers. “Annie.”

 “No one’s called me Annie since my mom,” I say, tears threatening to fall. 

 He nods. “How are ya, kid? Better yet, what on earth are you doing with a thug like Mickey McKennan?” He removes his fedora and wipes his brow. “Jesus, kid, your mother’s probably rolling round in her grave.

 “Hey!” Liv jabs her finger into the wall he calls a chest. “Watch it! You know nothing about her mother.” 

 “I might not be an expert, but I am the one who put Vivienne’s murderer away.” 

 “I’m sorry. I didn’t—”  

 If there’s one thing Liv need not apologize for, it’s being my friend. I reach for her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. Then, I attempt a confident gaze as I look the cowboy in the eye. “Not that it’s any of your business, Agent North, but I’m not with anyone right now. I only met Mickey for the first time a few minutes ago. And-and thank you. Thank you for catching…” My voice disappears, the name sticking in my throat.  

 North Dakota’s mouth pulls into a slight frown. The movement is quick, but it’s there.  

“What is it? What’s wrong?” I ask.

 He sighs. “Evan Leffan has been granted a new trial. Proceedings have already begun.”  

The villainous name runs through me, and I feel sick. Evan Leffan is evil incarnate. And, according to Agent North, he’s appealing for a second chance at freedom. North and Olivia exchange looks of concern, and then their eyes are on me.

 It takes a moment for the shock to wear off and for me to find my voice. “When did it start?”

 “This morning.”

 “Why wasn’t I notified?” 

 “I’ll admit, I was surprised not to see you in the courtroom.” He looks away, as if he can’t bear facing me while he delivers the bad news. “My guess is, Leffan’s people ran interference. Anyway, there was some nonsense about new evidence, and it looks like his conviction will be overturned.”

 “All these years later?”

 “Yeah, kid. I’m sorry.”

 A shiver runs through me, and it has nothing to do with the night air. “Do you think he’ll come after me?”

 “I don’t know.” North shrugs. “At this point, you’re the only thing standing between him and his freedom.”

 “Well, should I leave town?”

 “I don’t know. The DA might need you to testify again. But Leffan has eyes and ears and hands everywhere. It might be too dangerous, kid.” 

 A groan of frustration tears from my throat. “Then, what do you know?”

 The short, skinny cowboy, whom I can only assume to be Agent South, clears his throat. “I know that, sometimes, history repeats itself.”

 He cackles as I back away, sheer terror coursing through my veins. Agent North shoves his partner aside before chasing me down. He hands me a small, white rectangular slip of paper. I flip it over and read the print before sticking it in my purse.

 “Just in case,” he says. 

 “Yeah, just in case,” I whisper. 

 We share one last look of uncertainty before Olivia leads me back to our seats. The show starts, but my mind is a million miles away. And it stays there, even after the curtains have closed.

 It takes Olivia’s blood splattering all over my face to snap me back to the present. 

Copyright © 2016 M. A. Wilder

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M. A. Wilder is a wife, mother, and native New Yorker who writes in order to retain her title as a hipster. She is a stay-at-home mom by day and a crime fighter author by night. 

She is also rumored to be a full-time geek, a part-time fangirl, and an imaginary superhero. 


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