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Cover Reveal & Giveaway "Rendezvous With Yesterday"

ೋღღ Cover Reveal & Giveaway ღღೋ

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Coming October 17, 2016
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Series - The Gifted Ones #2 
 Genre - Time Travel Romance 


Modern-day bounty hunter Bethany Bennett helps her brother track two fugitives to a forest outside of Houston, Texas. But what should have been a routine apprehension of two bail skippers spirals out of control and ends in violence. After Beth and her brother are both seriously injured, a mysterious figure suddenly looms over her. And, when the smoke clears, Beth finds herself not only in another place, but in another time. -

As Lord Robert, Earl of Fosterly, attempts to identify and track down the nameless enemy who has been plaguing his lands and people with violence, the most peculiar woman stumbles into his path.  Small, vulnerable, yet possessed of a bold, fiery spirit and wicked sense of humor, she persists in dubbing Robert and his men members of something called a medieval reenactment group . . . until she sees his castle and labels herself mad. It seems bounty hunter Bethany Bennett has come to him from the future, bringing with her laughter and chaos, swiftly winning the hearts of his people and inspiring within him a love he thought he would never experience again. But when Robert discovers a way for her to return to her time, will the love they share be enough to keep them together? -

 ðŸ“– Sneak peek into the pages of "Rendezvous With Yesterday", you get a glimpse of Robert and Bethany through the eyes of Robert's brother Dillon (hero of A Sorceress of His Own): ðŸ“–

Dillon rose alongside Robert and watched his brother descend the stairs and stroll forward. -

At once, Lady Bethany broke away from the women, skipped toward him and launched herself into his arms. Bright, tinkling laughter escaped her as Robert spun her around in a tight circle ere he allowed her feet to touch the ground. Ducking his head, Robert spoke something into her ear that Dillon was too far away to hear.  Lady Bethany laughed and locked her arms around his neck, leaning her body fully into his. -

Dillon glanced around to gauge the response of the other occupants of Fosterly’s bailey. ’Twas a highly improper embrace the unwed couple shared so openly. Yet most onlookers either smiled indulgently or paid no attention, as though ’twas a common occurrence. -

Stunned, he looked back in time to see Lady Bethany reach up, clasp a fistful of hair atop Robert’s head, and playfully rock his head from side to side. Robert grinned and pressed his forehead to hers. Her hand drifted down, stroked his cheek as he rubbed noses with her. Their words grew quieter as he drew her even closer, lifted her onto her toes, then kissed her. Deeply. Thoroughly. One hand drifting down her back and coming dangerously close to her bottom. Pulling her even tighter against him. -

Dillon could practically feel the heat from where he stood as the couple’s passion flared. -

And still those in the bailey paid them no heed. -

Dillon looked at Michael, who appeared to be struggling not to laugh at the shock that must be written across his face. -

“They tend to forget the rest of us when they are in each other’s presence.” -

Dillon could not remember the last time he had been so confounded. - 

She'll be celebrating over on her Facebook Page this weekend with an Amazon Gift Card giveaway.  I hope you'll join me. 

📕 Dianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Immortal Guardians series and The Gifted Ones series.

Dianne loves all things creative. When she isn't writing, Dianne is active in the independent film industry and has even appeared on-screen, crawling out of a moonlit grave and wielding a machete like some of the vampires she so loves to create in her books. -

For the latest news on upcoming releases, contests, and more, please visit You can also find Dianne online . . .

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