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Pre-Order for "Tacet a Mortuis" by Amo Jones!

Tacet a Mortuis is the third installment in Amo Jones's Romantic Suspense Elite Kings Series coming May 14th! Read Excerpt below...

Title: Tacet a Mortuis 
Series: The Elite King's Club #3 
Author: Amo Jones  
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Release Date: May 14, 2018

Hail to the king, and watch him reign, this game was somewhat fun, until the finale came…

Now we’re here, with carnage and despair, and the only questions left to answer, are the ones that do not appear...

A king loses a war, and a swan sheds her wings, chaos collides with peace, as the crows begin to sing…

Enter if you dare, because I swear the end is near, but nothing is as it seems, and everything is so bare.

So what the f*ck is going on at Riverside, I think, I think... everyone is about to die....


ASAP Rocky was rapping about how he loved bad bitches, and with every pull up, sweat spilled over my flesh. My fingers squeezed the slippery bar. Thirty-four, thirty-five. 

I started rapping the words, unlatching and dropping to the ground. The door to my gym swung open, but I ignored it. Part of me knew who it was, and the other part hoped it wasn’t. 

The song continued to drown out the silence as I moved to the bench, laying down and wrapping my fingers around the barbell. Madison was angry with me, for the fucking hundredth time since I’ve known her.  

The essence of her anger was probably from her mom's shit, and then there's me not telling her about it all this time, but I’ve been with her long enough to know that she’d be more hurt than angry.  

Angry Madison I could deal with, hurt Madison was territory I was unsure of. The fact that I kept Khales alive would have only intensified her anger even more too, no doubt.  

B? My jaw clenched, anger bubbling inside, so I started pumping the heavy iron. I know you’re mad at me. I hooked the barbell back onto the latches and sat up. 

That’s where you’re wrong, I’m not fucking angry. I’m confused as to why the fuck you let him find you. She sighed, taking a seat beside me on the bench. I had heard you moved on, and then he— I turned to face her, my eyes hardening.  

You outed yourself out of jealousy? What? No, well, I don’t— —you better be careful with your next words… She stood, running her fingers through her hair.  

Well, shit, I don’t know, B! You’ve never had anyone else but me, what the hell was I supposed to do about finding out the one guy I loved, my first love, had moved on with some new girl.  

Why didn’t you tell me about her? My eye twitched. I sucked in a breath, stood and walked towards her. She stepped back, but I countered it. You done this out of jealousy?  

Her eyes darted around the room. You could almost hear her brain trying to reach out and snatch whatever excuse she could find out of thin air.  

Do you not care about me at all, B? We never actually broke up? Her back collided with the wall and my hands came up to either side of her head, caging her in. 

Listen very carefully— my phone vibrated in my pocket and I reached inside, seeing it’s Nate before sliding it unlocked. What? Yo, so I’m thinking I want to throw a party this weekend. 

Why? My eyes remained on Khales. Her's dropped to my mouth, and then came back to my eyes. I knew what she was doing, and if she tried any shady shit, I’d rip her lips off.  

Well, our girl isn’t doing so good… My girl, I corrected with a growl. Khales' eyes slanted, so I brought my hand to her throat. Shock flashed across her face. 

I grinned. Continue. Yeah you might need to get used to sharing her, B. My grip around Khales' throat instinctively tightened. What the fuck do you mean? 

She started tapping at my hand, so I released her a little. Madison's mad, I get it. Nah, B, she’s not mad. She’s… numb. What? You feel what she’s feeling now? I asked, letting Khales go and stepping backwards. 

There was something else he was hiding, and whatever it was, better not have anything to do with them both fucking around with each other again. 

My patience was thin. One more misstep on her part, and I was going to make her trip. No point fighting for someone that doesn’t wanna be fought for. 

There was an incident… Nate cleared his throat. What kind? She kill someone incident, or she trip and fall on something incident? 

He cleared his throat again. Ah, well, a Peyton problem…. My hands squeezed around the phone. Peyton was Tillie's older sister who in short, was messing around with Jase's generation of the King's.  

She had four of them wrapped around her finger, and when they were over fighting about it, they all decided they'd just share her. You and who. Ah, Brantley. 

How far did you get? my eyes narrowed on Khales, then dropped down her body. Pretty far, but then Jase walked in. I’m done, I murmured. I’m done with her, dawg.   

I’ve not fucked up once since she’s been here, aside from secrets and shit. This is the third time she’s run off into someone else's arms.  

She’s your issue now, My eyes connected with Khales, who was now smirking in triumph. Oh and bro? The party will be here. I threw my phone against the wall until it smashed into a thousand pieces. 

Khales jumped in shock, but quickly collected herself. I stepped backwards, reaching for the door. You’re too good for her, B. You gave her too much. Shut the fuck up and don’t touch me. 

 ©Amo Jones 2018

Amo Jones is a small country girl totally winging this author thing (she's probably doing it all wrong). She likes cake, loves wine, and her religion is magic. 

She's a profound work-a-holic, but when she's not writing, you can find her chilling with her kids & partner at the nearest beach, with a cocktail in her hand.

New Zealand is not a state of Australia and rugby is the best sport ever played.  

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