Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Release Blitz - The Secrets Of Life by K.L. Humphreys!

Title: The Secrets Of Life
Author: K.L. Humphreys
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: December 19, 2017

Sometimes there is only a pole between survival and starvation. For Jessica Hughes, this is her reality. At 21, she’s single-handedly supporting her 2 younger brothers and her 4-year-old daughter while paying off her deadbeat mother's gambling debts. 

Her life may seem like crap to others, but Jess knows it could be worse. Then, Hunter O'Shea walks back into her life and drops a bombshell - a secret that could destroy everything they once had. 

Once again, Jess finds herself picking up the pieces of her broken heart. Will Hunter find the courage to claim the family he never knew he needed? Or will Jess move on before he gets the chance? 

Mummy, I feel really sick, and I’m really hot. I think I should go back to bed. She’s nodding her head at her own suggestion. For a four-year-old, she has learnt way too much from her uncles. 

I put the kettle on, take down two cups and leave them on the counter. I turn and look at Emme; she’s trying her hardest to look sick. I have to bite my lip, so I don’t laugh at her feeble attempt. 

She’s almost doubled over - holding her back like she’s in pain, she’s in her fleecy pyjamas, and her bottom lip is pouting. 

Okay, come here and let me feel your head, I want to see if you have a temperature. I see the panic rise on her face as she realises that she doesn’t have one, although she does try her best to cover it up. But Mummy, my head won’t tell you. I’m not hot on the outside. 

I’m boiling on the inside. She is still pouting that bottom lip, and she looks so adorable, so much like her father that it hurts my heart to know that he threw us away. Oh baby, quickly get dressed, wake both your uncles, we’ve got to go to the hospital. 

I’m evil, I know I am. I must say she is a lot more imaginative than her uncle’s. Why Mummy? I’m not that sick. 

She now is standing with both hands on her hips; I see movement in the corner of my eye and see that both Simon and Anthony are awake and now glued to watching the Emme show.  

Mummy I don’t want to wake Si and Tony. It’s not fair, why do I have to go to the hospital? She stamps her foot, and I hear a snicker from the doorway. You have to go to the hospital because you’re burning up on the inside, which is serious Emme.  

Now I’m crossing my arms over my chest, showing my defiant little princess that she isn’t getting away with it. No Mummy, I won’t go to the hospital. I’ll just stay here and watch telly and have ice-cream, that always makes me feel better. 

She has just busted herself, and the boys can’t keep their laughter under control, and Emme turns and glares at them. Um, no! You do, however, have a choice. I tell her and watch as her face glows with anticipation.  

 So, you can either go to the hospital or go to school. You decide. In the meantime, boys get dressed and brush your teeth. I don’t watch as the little princess has her mini-tantrum. 

I have things to do today and listening to Emme have her meltdown just because she doesn’t get her own way isn’t on my list of things to do. 

KL Humphreys was born in London, England but now lives in Ireland with the love of her life and her baby girl. In a way, the world has him to thank for her Debut Novel Deadly Hunt. 

After years of thinking about writing the story that had been dying to get out of her head, she finally confided in her other half. He gave her all the encouragement she needed to get the story out, he has been with her every step of the way. K.L Humphreys loves music, especially pop, R’n’B and rap and if she’s writing you will find it playing somewhere nearby. 

She also loves all romance novels but of course, Romantic Suspense is her go to genre. When she isn’t writing it…it’s a good bet she is curled up somewhere reading it. If she doesn’t have a book in her hand, you might want to check to make sure she isn’t sick. 

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