Friday, December 8, 2017

Release Blitz - The SEALs Virgin Hostage by Lilly Holden!

Who loves HOT ALPHA HEROES? Grab this quick & dirty insta-love read sure to melt your kindle!

Title: The SEALs Virgin Hostage:
A Virgin & Bad Boy Military Romance   
Series: SEAL Mercenaries #3
Authors: Lilly Holden   
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2017

She’s a princess of the tabloid press, and she’s about to get a lesson in minding her manners. From me.

Kidnapping a spoiled heiress isn’t my dream mission, but when my boss orders me to steal Paige Monroe and take her deep into the mountains for her own protection, I follow orders.

As a former SEAL, I’m used to facing down challenges that would conquer lesser men. Taming a tiny, blonde-haired goddess with enough sass to kick start a private jet should be a walk in the park.

It should be. But as I force Paige to bend to my will and strip away her defenses, I see a new woman take her place. One who turns my world upside down.

The Paige Monroe I have all to myself in a small cabin is not the woman whose life is for all to see in any magazine. All that sass and stubbornness is a cover to hide her true self.

She’s sweeter, more innocent…more vulnerable than I’d ever imagined. I started off wanting to tame Paige. Now I want to treasure her. Make her mine. And keep her safe, not only from her own fears, but from the man who hunts her. 

The SEALs Virgin Hostage is a quick and naughty page turner involving an obsessed alpha hero, scorching insta-love and sizzling romantic suspense that will melt your kindle. HEA and no cheating in this emotional tale.

I'm an author of bad boy romance. Give me an unshaven alpha whose "rough around the edges" manner hides a tender side (hidden way deep down) and I'm hooked. 

Have him prepared to fight to protect what's his and I'm SOLD! I can't wait to share my tattooed alpha heroes with you! 

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