Monday, July 31, 2017

Sale Book Blitz - Fatal Knockout by Julie Bailes!

Title: Fatal Knockout  
Author: Julie Bailes 
Genre: MMA Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 12, 2017



It’s an action some encourage and others dissuade. Since the day I was born, fighting has been instilled into my mind. Regardless of your opinion, it’s something we all do. At some point in time, consciously or subconsciously—either emotionally, physically, or spiritually—we struggle. 

Many will strive to withstand their battles, but only those who were born to fight will overcome them. 

A true fighter lacks weakness. They abstain from carelessness and refrain from trusting their opponents, but most importantly, they never accept defeat.

I am a true born fighter. Each second of every day, I fight. Rip the ones I love most away from me, I kill. If I’ve learned anything from this life, it’s to always expect the unexpected. As long as my heart continues to beat, and no matter the costs, I will be victorious.

As of May 21, 2017, Fatal Knockout has been re-written, with fresh edits and more than 20k words added to the story to give the characters justice.


Madisyn? He draws in a sharp breath. Blaze? He closes his eyes and says, I’m trying my best not to kiss you. Without hesitation, I tell him, Don’t.  

His voice is moderately alarmed when he asks, Don’t what? I lift my glove-covered hand and place it atop of his. Don’t try not to kiss me.  

I should be ashamed of myself for making out with a guy I hardly know, but I’m not. I should tear my lips from his and stop this craziness here and now, but I won’t.   

 The kiss is fierce, passionate, all-consuming, and it sends a fiery sensation coursing through my veins. Blaze’s kiss breathes life, and in this moment, lost in his kiss, I am alive. 

 Copyright © 2015 & 2017 Julie Bailes

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About Author

I am a wife and mother of three wild and rambunctious kids. I’m an extrovert, a complete social butterfly. I love all things chocolate and coffee. Reading is my drug of choice, and SMUT is my addiction. 

I love to read smut, write smut, and talk smut. When I’m not locked away in my writing cave, you’ll find me cuddled on the couch with my nose in a book or watching so-called “chick flicks”. I’m a born city girl whose husband converted her country. 

While I like to go hunting, fishing, and muddin’ on a four wheeler, I will NOT—absolutely NOT—take a fish off the hook or gut a deer. I was born without a filter, speak what’s on my mind, and pray I don’t offend anyone. I’m awesomely crazy, I laugh a lot, and I love even more!

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