Monday, November 7, 2016

Release Blitz - Love, Lies, & Crime Anthology LIVE!!


Title: Love, Lies & Crime Anthology
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller/Mystery
Release Date: November 7, 2016

We are set and ready to go!!! 

I can't believe we have finally met the finish line and in 3 short days Love, Lies, & Crime will RELEASE!!!! It's been a very long journey, but this anthology is one you won't want to miss!! 

100%, YES, ALL of the proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots!! We are Mommas, and it's our hope to make several children's Christmas morning a little brighter! 

This is how you help make that hope a possibility! Your support of this anthology is a huge step in our success, and we couldn't do this without you! So from the bottoms of our dark and deviant hearts, THANK YOU!! 




What if you were given free reign to break the commit a crime? Would you be brave enough to do it? 

Twelve writers will plot and weave stories of love, lies, and crime. You will want to buckle up and prepare for the ride. These deliciously twisted minds will serve you stories not apt for the faint of heart. You will sit on the edge of your seat gasping, sighing, laughing and crying page after page...

Will darkness defeat the light, or will gun powder, switchblades and bloodshed reign? 

Read twelve bone-chillingly twisted, and provocative stories penned by twelve brilliant masterminds of crime. 

They're waiting. Are you ready?

Only .99 pennies!
Releasing on November 7!!

100% of the proceeds benefit #ToysForTots #HappyHolidays #CharityAnthology 

"Shutter Speed" by Freya Barker

"Sinner" by Katheryn Kiden

"Twist in Faith" by Danielle Jamie

"Breaking Black" by Addison Kline

"Blind Disillusion" by Jesse Lorenzo

"Exacting Vengeance" by Imy Santiago

"His to Take" by Melissa Toppen

"Mantis" by Courtney Shockey

"Dirty Secrets" by Silla Webb

Big Giveaway!!

Oh, and we'd be so heart broke if you didn't show up to CELEBRATE with us!! That's right, on Monday, we are celebrating with an AWESOME release event and we even have a HUGE GRAND PRIZE!! You won't want to miss this!!

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