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Cover Reveal: Steel Rain Anthology!

Title: Steel Rain Anthology
Genre: Military Romance Anthology
Release Date: November 11, 2016 

The men and women who discharge from the military are never truly free from their service to our Country.

These men and women may fight in the forces which guard our country, but they’re about to declare war on your heart. In this emotional and sexy anthology, ten popular authors deliver stories of sacrifice, hope and redemption, all to bring awareness to the struggle our home grown heroes continue to battle. Don’t miss this irresistible limited edition set.

📚Charity Information📚

Ten best-selling authors come together with stories of sacrifice, hope and redemption to bring awareness of the fight our home grown heroes continue to battle. All digital proceeds from this anthology will aid The Mission Continues. 

This non-profit organization empowers veterans to find purpose through community impact. With the help of the Mission Continues, Veterans build new skills and networks that assist their reintegration into life after the military. For more information on this foundation visit:

A. Gorman—A Gentle Touch
Evie Gervais wanted to serve her country until she could retire, but an IED explosion changed everything she had planned for her future. Uncertain about living since she was the lone survivor, Evie can’t decide to live or end it all.

Carmen Jenner—Toward the Sound of Chaos
Jake Tucker is broken. Until a good southern woman and her autistic son come careening into his life, forcing him to see that sometimes love is like fighting behind enemy lines.

C.J. Pinard—Above Protection
He's bearded, angry, highly trained, and has a job to do. She's the damsel in distress who's smarter than she looks, and doesn't want anyone's help. Could it be they both need something neither will admit to? Fate fueled by the laws of attraction may just decide for them.

Danielle Jamie—Rising from the Ashes
The day Taylor Wade enlisted in the Army he had his entire future planned out. All those plans and dreams turned to ashes in the blink of eye. Emberlyn Renner had the perfect life. But when tragedy strikes unexpectedly, Emberlyn finds herself lost in grief. Can two lost souls come into each other’s lives and force one another to stop just existing, and finally start living?

Delisa Lynn—Talon
Talon Livingston’s life wasn’t easy growing up…until he met her. He joined the Army to better their lives…only to lose her before they could build their future together. Talon thought life in the Army was all he was destined for…then he fell for her.

Elizabeth Miller—Lawless
Caden Lawless, an injured Navy SEAL, comes home bound by his best friend’s desperate plea to care for his fiancée and to love the son he’d never know. Piper Stevens, pregnant and mourning the only man she ever loved, isn’t keen on visitors—especially one threatening to never leave.

Katherine Rhodes—Hurricane Sky
A parking lot war is an odd way to begin a relationship. But, Gavin had been pining for months and this was his chance. With a bit of help from his coworkers, he wins a chance to show Bernadette his honest intentions. She, however, is far more complicated than she appears, and as the hurricane approaches, Gavin will do what he has to save her from the rising waters—and herself.

Michelle Graves—The Leak in the Life Raft
Determined to gain control over his past, renowned war photo-journalist and terrorist hostage survivor, John Cormick, reluctantly followed his therapist's advice to join a support group for veterans suffering from PTSD. An idea that went from bad to epically disastrous in a matter of minutes.

Niquel—A Love Unknown
What happens when you lose the love of your life the night before your deployment? You get drunk, find the hottest, nameless piece of ass, ad try to forget the pain for one night. But what happens when that night takes more out of you than you intended?

Renea Porter—Marred Beauty
After the war, I had changed. I was marred. My face, once flawless, now had scars. My body once lured men. Now, I could never show it. I just needed a place where I could go unnoticed. But Drake Harmon noticed me. 

All digital proceeds from this anthology will aid The Mission Continues. This non-profit organization empowers veterans to find purpose through community impact. For more information on this foundation visit:

A. Gorman


Carmen Jenner 

C.J. Pinard

Danielle Jamie

Delisa Lynn

Elizabeth Miller

Katherine Rhodes

Michelle Graves

Renea Porter

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