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Book Tour - Unexpected Love Series + Giveaway!

Title: Finding A Way 
Series:  Unexpected Love # 1
Author: T.E. Black 
Genre: Sports Romance

 📚Each book can be read as a standalone.📚

I am finally free. 

This is my chance for a fresh start. 
My chance to live the way I want to. 
Boston is my destination. 

Just when I think things are going to get better from here, I meet him. 

Malcolm Davis. 

He is the image of masculinity, with rough edges I would love to soften. Although I wonder what it would be like to be with a man like him, I know it would never work. But, I do know two things, ever since I met him, I’m happy and he makes me feel safe. 

Both of those things lured me into taking a chance. I mean what’s life without taking any chances? It’s not much of a life without the risk of getting your heart broken. 

I imagine that for Malcolm Davis, falling in love with someone would be akin to a hurricane; anything that stands in the path of what he wants; gets demolished. 

Well, I guess my theory will be put to the test.

Title: Finding Serenity 
Series: Unexpected Love #2
Author: T.E. Black 
Genre: Sports Romance

When it was good, it was great.
When it was bad, it was worse.

My life turned into a whirlwind of destruction before I even got the chance to love her.

She could have been my angel, my saving grace; I never gave her the chance.

I gave myself a taste of her angelic kiss, convincing her to love with everything she had. Then I destroyed her. I destroyed both of us and I felt nothing as I did it.

I didn't feel anything in my sorry state.

We both had secrets and both of them would have destroyed us in one way or another. 

Hers could have possibly been bigger than mine, but I doubted it from the start.

I knew I had the quality of devastation within me the entire time.

After all,
I'm the king of lies. 
I'm the king of addiction. 
I'm the king of turmoil. 
I'm the king of motherfucking heartbreak.

This book contains sensitive material. Recommended for ages 18 and up.

Title: Finding Perseverance
Series: Unexpected Love #3
Author: T.E. Black 
Genre: Sports Romance

Ten years ago, Ryleigh O’Donnell let the love of her life go so he could follow his dreams. Now, she’s a successful bar owner, a loyal and fierce friend, and someone everyone counts on. 

She has everything she has ever dreamed of, but there is still a void inside her the size of a six-foot-four professional fighter, Rook Wallace, who she is forced to watch on television.

When she finds her past hiding in the shadows under her fire escape and asking for her help, she knows she should turn him away—protect herself. Her heart doesn’t care what her mind wants, though, and she risks everything by letting him back into her life. 

She just has to hold on long enough for him to clear his name, and keep his career afloat, then she can go back to business as usual … at least that’s what she tells herself.

*** This is Ryleigh's Story; Book #3 of The Unexpected Love Series. It is recommended that Finding A Way and Finding Serenity are read first, but each book can be read as a standalone.***

This book contains sensitive material. Recommended for ages 18 and up.

New Adult and Contemporary Romance author, T.E. Black, also known as Tiffany, is never without a book in her hand. Whether she’s reading the newest release from a fellow author, or proofreading one of her own drafts, she’s always keeping busy.

Tiffany writes about imperfect heroes and strong-willed heroines. While, her heroines are known for going to head to head with the men in her stories, the heroes she writes always have that special touch of alpha.

When she’s not immersed in the literary world, Tiffany makes use of her time by being a full-time graphic designer for a company she owns and operates, creating book covers, teasers, banners, and swag for other authors and herself.


Finding Perseverance #3

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