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"Working for the Billionaires Club" is LIVE!! + Giveaway!

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Title: Working for the Billionaires Club
Author: Sky Corgan
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 16, 2016


From USA Today best-selling author Sky Corgan comes a new billionaire romance novel.

Now enlisting volunteers! Looking for ten super-rich men willing to please some lucky ladies for a good cause.

Requirements: You must make at least a billion dollars annually. You must be hot as hell. You must be a stud in the bedroom.

Job duties: Treat our clients like the queens they are. Fulfill their every fantasy while they enjoy their stay at our state of the art resort. You'll have access to all of our amenities and fantasy rooms so that you can create the best experience for our clients.

The Billionaires Club is a non-profit organization. Clients pay good money for your time, and all proceeds go to a charity of their choice.

Do something great for your community and have some fun in the process. Join The Billionaires Club! 

This book cannot be read as a standalone. It is the first book in a two part series. 

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“I've wanted this since the first moment I laid eyes on you,” he tells me as he kneels between my legs and hikes one of them up over his shoulder. 

“Wanted what?” I smirk, blushing as he kisses a path down my inner thigh. 

“To touch you. To know what you taste like.” 

I open my mouth to reply, but my words leave me with a moan as his hot breath courses over my wet parts followed by his tongue slicking between my folds. I surrender to pleasure, dropping my weight onto the bed as his skilled mouth goes to work on my sensitive core. The tip of his tongue circles my cleft before plunging into me so deeply that my back arches off of the bed. He clutches onto my hips, pulling me to him so that his face is buried in the heat of my sex. I pant as his lips and teeth and tongue quickly bring me to orgasm.

“Oh my God,” I whisper, draping my arm over my face to hide my shame. Nothing this wrong has ever felt so right.

📖 Excerpt 2:

“I couldn't wait until after work to be inside of you,” Croix tells me seconds before the canister of pens on his desk falls over the side.

“Does confrontation make you horny?” I tease, my mouth somewhere between a smile and an O.

“Everything makes me horny when it comes to you. All I've been able to think about is how beautiful you looked when you came all over my dick last night.”

That's all I've been able to think about too, except for the opposite. When Croix lost himself inside of me, his cock pulsed so deliciously that I had a second orgasm. The feeling of him spreading me while he sprayed his seed into the condom was too much for me to bear.

“Sex with you is amazing,” I whisper, readjusting my grip on the table.

📖 Excerpt 3:

“You didn't have to tie me up. I wasn't going to try to get away.”

“Oh, but I did have to tie you up.” He runs his fingertips up the length of my arms which are stretched out above my head.
“And why is that?” I purr.

“Because I'm going to fuck you so good that you squirm. And when you squirm, I'm going to hold you down so that I can fuck you even harder.”

The intensity of his gaze makes me not doubt his words. And when he grabs his shaft and nudges it between my folds, I know I'm about to be in for the ride of my life.

📖 Excerpt 4:

“I want to know why this place is so great.” I glance back to the gray satin comforter. It's very masculine yet sensual at the same time. My mind flips through at least a dozen different naked bodies writhing on top of it. Clients and billionaires that we saw in the lobby and around the resort.

“This place is great because it's for a good cause.” He loosens his tie before slipping it from around his neck.

“This place is great because things happen here that don't happen anywhere else.” I look up at him. His eyes are already hooded, seductive. They draw me in—make me crave him.

“You make it sound magical.” He smirks as he shrugs off his blazer and tosses it across the chest of drawers behind him.
“Is it?” I slip my shoes off and crawl back onto the bed.

📖 Excerpt 5:

“You want me to show you what I did to those other girls?” He bends slightly, his breath rushing across my cheek before his mouth settles next to my ear. “I fucked them selfishly. I fucked them like I didn't care about them, because I didn't. I shoved my cock down their throats until they choked on it. I ate their pussies until they came so much that they were sore from it. And I fucked them so hard that they couldn't walk right the next day. Fucked them so ruthlessly that everyone in the club knew they had been with me. Is that what you want me to do to you?”

My breath hitches as his grip tightens on my jaw, not because it hurts but because I'm aroused. He sounds so dominant and dangerous. A force to be reckoned with.

I should be turned off thinking about what he did with those other women, knowing that he's been with countless others. Many of them probably hoped for what I have with him now, that he'd like them for more than just the few nights they got to spend with him. They never had him like that though. They never had him like I have him. What we feel when we're together—what he'll feel when he's fucking me—it's not the same that he felt when he was with them, and that makes it special.

I want him unbridled and passionate and as selfish as he can be. I want to know what pleases him so that I can please him better in the future. I have no doubt that I'll enjoy myself—enjoy being used by him.

“I am yours,” I say softly.

📖 Excerpt 6:

“Croix, I can't,” I whimper as he drives his tongue into me. My hand is fisted in his hair. He's already brought me to climax twice. Once with his fingers and once with his mouth.

“I'm pretty sure that you can.” He kisses my inner thigh, allowing me a chance to catch my breath.

“I want your cock.” I curl and uncurl the fingers of my other hand in the sheet below us. I've wanted him inside of me from the moment he pulled his boxer briefs down and I saw him standing at full arousal.

“And I want to taste you more.” He slides his tongue between the seam of my sex before circling my clit with the tip. A shiver rolls through me, settling at my core. I'm already so sensitive, but I know that he's far from done with me.

“Come here,” I beckon to him, giving him my most seductive gaze.
He crawls up my body, his skin brushing against mine. I can feel the firmness of his manhood pressing against my thigh. I wrap my arm around him and rake my fingers up the back of his neck, resting my hand on his nape. The way he's looking at me makes my body ache with desire for him.

Author Bio

Sky Corgan is the USA Today bestselling author of The Billionaires Club. She lives in a little podunk town near San Antonio, Texas. When she's not typing away at the next steamy romance novel, she's busy planning for future vacations.

Originally a horror author, sex scenes and love stories kept magically creeping into her work, so she decided to make the switch to romance. Now she enjoys writing stories that make your heart flutter and your inner yearnings awaken.

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