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"Hard Rules" Teasers & Giveaway!

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A little sneak peek:

He leans in close and inhales deeply. You smell sweet. He
cups my face, and he caresses his lips over mine, once. Twice. 
His tongue flickers past my teeth a quick tease that has me
wanting more before he adds, You taste sweet. He presses
my hands to the railing behind me, holding me there, his 
cheek settling against mine.

I want you, Emily. And I’m going to have you. On my lips.
On my tongue. He nips my earlobe, sending a shiver down
my spine, as he adds, until you're thinking of nothing else but
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Posted Tuesday,July 19th - Link

I’m the man who’s wanted you for hours and it’s time for me to 
be inside you. I wonder what the hell has taken me so long in the
first place. Don’t move. She covers my hand over her chest. Shane-
Talk later. 

Fuck now. I lift off her, my hands on her waist, and as on 
edge as I am now, I don’t want to scare her, or stir her demons. 
Because mine have decided to come out and play. I lean into her 
again, softly saying, Right now—  I know she says. So what are 
you waiting for?
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Posted Tuesday,July 12th - Link

You’re beautiful, he murmurs, more gravel to his tone, and when
he looks at me, I see the gray steel of demand and dominance, but
there is also enough blue fire to burn me inside out. And so damn 
sweet, he adds. It’s sexy as hell. 

Sweet is not what I want to be, I say, translating it to the pushover 
that got me into this mess I’m in. It’s not what I am.

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Posted on Saturday,July 9th - Link
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How Bad Do You Want It!

Posted on Thursday July 7th - Link

This is very complicated. He cups my head again and kisses me,
deeply, passionately, until his forehead rests against mine. Does 
that feel complicated? We’ll work it out together, Emily. And for
several seconds we just breathe together and I think, Maybe I can
do this. Maybe he’s the light at the end of what has been 
a dark tunnel.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 5th - Link to Teaser!
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Posted on Tuesday, June 28th - Link

Short Excerpt:

She shivers, and I press my cheek to hers. Don’t worry. I plan to heat
every chilled spot on your body. I seal that promise by dragging my
lips over her neck, to her jaw, then settling a breath from her mouth,
promising a kiss I don’t deliver.

I want to taste her, but I don’t. I linger there, teasing her and me, waiting
for the reach of her lips and I pull back, my hands flexing over hers.
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Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd - Link

She pales, looking exceedingly uncomfortable, before repeating,
I drank from that cup. I know, I say, offering it back to her. Try 
another drink. 

She takes the cup and sets it on the counter. I can’t drink that. And
you can’t either. She points to the hole on top, smudged pink. My
lipstick is all over it and I really hate to tell you this but it's all over
you to and she laughs, a soft, sexy sound, her hands settling on her 
slender, but curvy hips, accented by a fitted black skirt. Sorry. I don't
mean to laugh, but it’s not a good shade for you.

I laugh now too, officially and impossibly charmed by this women in
spite of being in the middle of what feels like World War III. Seems
you know how to make a lasting impression. Thankfully it’s lasting,
she says. It’ll wipe right off. And thank you for being such a sport.
I really am sorry again for all of this.

Apologize by getting it off me. Confusion puckers her brow. What?
You put it on me. I grab a napkin from the counter and offer it to her.
You get it off. I put it on the cup she says, clearly recovering her 
quick wit. You put it on you. Read more Here
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To celebrate the upcoming release of "Hard Rules" 
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