Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bella "A Sagatori Family Saga" A Mafia Romance!

"Bella" is a serial series. 1 new book in this serial will release every month 
through 2016.For a total of 13 novellas. Book 1 is free:) other books in this 
series are .99 cents...

I loved this series!!

My name is Isabella Sagatori. To my father I’m a princess, 
to others I’m an opportunity. They call me the Mafia Princess. 

My life had been beautiful,I’d never wanted for anything. 
I took each day as it came and embraced it with Insight,laughter,
and love. I chose not to live in the dark shadows,until now. 

Skip ahead and here I am running for my life, for my father’s life, and 
for my freedom. Darkness lingered and my father offered my hand to 
the boss of the Chicago outfit to ensure my protection.
Jax Moretti came into my life as a hero and then claimed me as his own. 
He claimed he'd only wanted to protect me, but the dark shadows that 
lingered in his told a different story. Nothing that belongs to this earth is 
ever free. Until I met Jax Moretti I couldn’t have known how true that 
could be.

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